VFCast Season 2 Episode 14: An Examination of Aggression


It’s an anti-Batman extravaganza as we behold the devil and discover the secrets of aggression, violence, power, and animal sex!

Grendel: Behold The Devil

14736WRITTEN BY: Matt Wagner
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
RELEASE: March 16, 2010

Neither of us have ever read any Grendel stories before. We’ve enjoyed Matt Wagner’s work, and Grendel is a OLD character, at least for the Indy scene.

I have an Ex-girlfriend who hated superhero crossovers. She thought that it diluted both Superman and Batman’s iconic nature for the two of them to hang out. I have apparently switched sides in this debate, or at least in this particular case, so listen to this podcast with that in mind!

You can also purchase Grendel’s saga in Omnibus format, and if you think you’d like the story it is a much more cost effective way to acquire all the Noiry examinations of human aggression you can deal with.

Here is an image dump of things that happen in Behold the Devil:


Download this podcast: Vestrymen Season 2 Episode 14

The music for this episode of Vestrymen from the Future! is used under a Creative Commons licence. This week, we feature Warm Soda – “Jeanie Loves Pop” and Captives of the Carousel – “The Oak Tree”. Intro music by Jonathan Coulton.

A behind the scenes look at how The Vestrymen “Plan”

Warlord 001-01


I sent Leland the above image and the following occurred:

[10:18:33 PM] Cabel Schoen:there are at least 2 awesome things about this image
[10:19:08 PM] Leland Webb: Dude, there are at least 10 awesome things in this picture
[10:19:24 PM] Leland Webb: The art is quite horrible
[10:19:33 PM] Cabel Schoen: Are you counting both halves of his mustache?
[10:19:53 PM] Cabel Schoen: Also that redhead is wearing the most manly thing of the characters
[10:20:41 PM] Leland Webb: I want to put her awkwardly shaped breasts in my face, while sensually tries to clutch at the sheets with her strange, underdeveloped arms.
[10:23:29 PM] Cabel Schoen: Dude you have to have more sex
[10:23:47 PM] Leland Webb: Her underdeveloped arms are so erotic
[10:23:55 PM] Leland Webb: Like a sexy T-Rex
[10:24:31 PM] Cabel Schoen: and the fact that she can use a sword that changes length over its own length is fairly hot
[10:25:05 PM] Leland Webb: Neither of us have mentioned the pirate dude’s… shorts situation.
[10:25:52 PM] Leland Webb: Actually, I may have misspoken, I’m not sure he’s a pirate
[10:25:53 PM] Cabel Schoen: They have a skull on them because that is what happens if you get a boner in those things
[10:26:05 PM] Leland Webb: Your boner dies?
[10:27:08 PM] Cabel Schoen: your dick snaps in half and you die of bleeding
[10:27:46 PM] Leland Webb: That’s not how I want to die
[10:27:57 PM] Leland Webb: That’s how you die if you are a character in Bedlam
[10:28:06 PM] Leland Webb: I want to play edward 40 hands
[10:28:06 PM] Cabel Schoen: we should probably post this interaction to the blood
[10:28:07 PM] Cabel Schoen: blog
[10:28:11 PM] Leland Webb: lol
[10:28:16 PM] Leland Webb: I’m down
[10:28:23 PM] Leland Webb: Shit, I’ve gotta upload this cast

And that boys and girls, is how a podcast is born!

Quick Review: Hawkeye #4

WRITTEN BY: Matt Fraction
ART BY: David Aja
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
RELEASE DATE: 11/21/2012

Much like ASM we get Hawkeye every damn time it comes out. This week due to the day of yelling moliods, we are almost a week late picking it up. Was Hawkeye #4 worth  the wait? Well, since we actually set the timeframe ourselves, it didn’t get any worse for waiting, but that wasn’t really what you where asking, was it, fake interrogator?

Does Hawkeye #4 live up to its predecessors? Absolutely, without a doubt, it might even exceed them. Mr. Fraction and Mr. Aja are hitting a lot of familiar notes, but as has happened with each subsequent issue of this book, they riff on the melodies that they have established, intertwining them with new beats. I’m abandoning this metaphor before it gets too discordant, but you get the idea.

We loose some of the close character moments with Clint and Kate, but get a plot with much more to sink our teeth into, and it is always nice to see Maria Hill around. There is one big potential plot hole, but I’ll let you work you way through it, and I think it might be explained in part two so I’ll let it be in a spoiler free review. Fraction hasn’t lost his comedic timing, either. This continues to be the best book on the shelf. Add it to your pull list.

Vestrymen Grade: A+

Quick Reviews for 11/28/2012


Hey there, sports fans! It’s a little known fact that talking to Leland and I while we are recording the podcast is a lot like conversing with Val and Franklin. We review FF #1, Batman Inc #5, Nowhere Men #1, and Bedlam #2. We might love yo’ faces, but saying that out loud would be stealing from a really fun news vcast.

1354122570_cvrFF #1

WRITTEN BY: Matt Fraction
ART BY: Michael Allred
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
RELEASE: 11/28/12

Matt Fraction picks up the ball from Jonathan Hickman, and its funny, fun, and has my favorite Ant-Man. Read it!

Vestrymen Grade: A

BMINC_5Batman Incorporated #5

WRITTEN BY: Grant Morrison
ART BY: Chris Burnham
RELEASE: 11/28/12

Morrison is back to his insane, quickly paced, rad times. We’ve always liked this approach to Batman, go read it.

Vestrymen Grade: B+

IMG120471ANowhere Men #1

WRITTEN BY: Eric Stephenson
ART BY: Nate Bellegarde
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
RELEASE: 11/28/12

A super science comic about super science ethics. Also something escaped from Gemworld in this book, so that is a thing. Space!

Vestrymen Grade: C+

Bedlam_2Bedlam #2

WRITTEN BY: Nick Spencer
ART BY: Riley Rossmo
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
RELEASE: 11/28/12

Bedlam makes me sad and uncomfortable. This is a good thing, since that is what Bedlam is designed to do. We’ve decided that this book will be better in trade and removed it from the pull list.

Vestrymen Grade: B+

You can download the audio: Reviews from the Future! 11-28-2012

The music for this episode of Vestrymen from the Future! is used under a Creative Commons licence. Intro music “The Future Soon” by Jonathan Coulton. Also featuring “Kenesaw Mountain Landis”, also by Jonathan Coulton.

Fake Geek Girls?

I did not know that this was a thing until a ton of the more enlightened geek and non-geek press took some time away from deciding if 343 Studios is capable of making a bland video game as well as Bungie to talk about the emergent meme.

Gamer_Girls_1-465x349Seriously? This is a thing? This is a significant part of why people, men and women, who might deeply enjoy comic books simply do not read them, why people who might enjoy video games feel like there are large, mostly illusory barriers to entry, and why people who might like to be part of a sub-culture that values intelligence, imagination, wit and drive feel alienated and abused.

Not knowing about something is the first step to knowing about something. Embrace new Girl-Gamerreaders of graphic medium, new players of video games, new fans of 3d printing! For that matter, embrace and support people who are trying to expand the ways they interact with the human experience, they might rub off on you and make you a better person, god knows if you are angry at “girl gamers” or “fake geek girls” you need to be a better person.

In summation, my missive to geek/nerd/comic book/video game/con subculture: Try your very best not to be assholes.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

It is Thanksgiving, so Leland and I are taking this one off. I shall not, however, leave you empty handed. First, as may become a holiday tradition, I will tell you how the Future Foundation’s Moliods would celebrate this day:

It turns out family and yelling about food are fairly universal responses to this particular holiday.

If you really must have podcasting action today here are some choices:

  • Listen our archives.
  • Visit our friend over at Astro-Boys for some great creator reviews and fun comic podcasty times.
  • Offer us up some content you’d like reviewed and we will likely do it next week!

Have a great Turkey Day everyone!

Vestrymen Season 2 Episode 13: Oh, the Hickmanity!


So we’ve changed the formatting up of our podcast up a little. We’ve decided to spin the quick reviews off into their own content. This way you can listen to just the reviews if you need just a quick hit of that Vestrymen goodness, or you can hang out and listen to a slightly long discussion of a graphic novel in our ongoing posts. Also look forward to more ranting by me now that I’ve been freed from the oppression of the strictness of the season two formatting!

Fantastic Four: Volume 1

61xb7xZVhRL._SL500_WRITTEN BY: Jonathan Hickman
ART BY: Dale Eaglesham
PUBLISHER: Marvel comics
RELEASE: August 4, 2012

We have talked about works by Jonathan Hickman more than once before. We like him, especially when he writes his own, original work, out from under the thumb of Brian Michael Bendis. We have a few issues, but in general we really enjoy this book.

Also the more I interact with Galactus the more I like the giant purple god thing as a villain. He is just too damn Kirby to not exist in the world.

Also next time on Hickman’s Amazing Fantastic Four; super smart moloids created by a mash-up of The Mole Man and The High Evolutionary’s technology that worship Ben Grim as a universal savior. It is confirmed, Hickman loves continuity.

Reviews from the Future! 11/14/2012

We are throwing a changeup and using sports metaphors. We’ve decided, starting this week, to split the podcast into two parts! We will still publish a weekly review of four (or another number) of semi-random pamphlets, and we will still publish a review of a graphic novel or piece of comic or geek culture related content. We are, however, going to publish these two things separately so you can just listen to one, the other, or perhaps both. Without further ado:

Thor: God of Thunder #1

ThorGodOfThunder_1_CoverWRITTEN BY: Jason Aaron
ART BY: Esad Ribic, Dan White
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
RELEASE: November 14, 2012

Putting Jason Aaron’s name on the front of a book has been a great way to get The Vestrymen interested ever since that one thing he did. We’ve enjoyed the crap out of Esad Ribic’s work too, so we had high expectations going into this book. Aaron and Ribic deliver a delightful experience, one you should check out.

Vestrymen Grade: B+

Batman #14

Batman-14-coverWRITTEN BY: Scott Snyder
ART BY: Greg Capullo
RELEASE: November 14, 2012

The first shot of the Death of the Family Bat-Family crossover is a hit with our family. Actually our families couldn’t care less about comics, I just wanted to say “family” as many times as possible in this paragraph. Cabel and I have an ongoing conversation where I hold that Snyder can write compelling, creepy stories and Cabel argues that Mr. Snyder writes mostly atmosphere with no meaningful character work to backup the gritty creepiness of it all. Tune in and see how that goes down!

Vestrymen Grade: B-

Batgirl #14

Batgirl_14_Full-665x1024WRITTEN BY: Gail Simone
ART BY: Ed Benes, Daniel Sampere
RELEASE: November 14, 2012

Gail Simone is also a favorite over here in Vestryland. We like this Batgirl, and the guys at our comic book store have good things to say about the Death of the Family Bat-family event. This book does not disappoint. Man is this joker creepy. Hide your children and your rollerskates.

Vestrymen Grade: B+

Fantastic Four #1

1350312057_cvrWRITTEN BY: Matt Fraction
ART BY: Mark Bagley
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
RELEASE: November 14, 2012

Spoiler alert! We really like all the creative teams that were involved in the creation of the books we read this week. Hickman’s Fantastic Four #1 delivers character moments, insane over-the-top action and manages to avoid the word, “Imaginauts” entirely. It actually does all those things that are not the last thing.

Vestrymen Grade: A-

Oh, and the obscure meme we are obliquely citing too often is “How to Write a Love Song” by The Axis of Awesome. Yeah, girl!

You can download the audio: Reviews from the Future! 11-14-2012

The music for this episode of Vestrymen from the Future! is used under a Creative Commons licence. Intro music “The Future Soon” by Jonathan Coulton. Also featuring “Kenesaw Mountain Landis”, also by Jonathan Coulton.

Vestrymen Season 2 Episode 12: Sometimes Leonardo Da Vinci has to punch Galactus in the face


OMG did we enjoy Mr. Hickman’s S.H.I.E.L.D. We also review Mr. Gillen’s Iron Man #1, Mr. Jordan’s Shadowman #1, Mr. Richardson’s 47 Ronin, and Joe Kubert’s Joe Kubert Presents #1. We pour one out for our departed homies.

Quick Reviews!:

Iron Man #1

ironman1WRITTEN BY: Kieron Gillen
ART BY: Greg Land, Jay Leisten and Guru eFx
PUBLISHER: Marvel comics
RELEASE: November 7, 2012

Feels a lot like Ellis’ Extremis, and Mr. Gillen does a good job, but he is not the creator of Leland’s favorite comic book, so we really just recommend you go buy Transmet, or  Extremis if you really need an Iron Man story. If you’ve read both those texts and you still need more Iron Man then you are allowed to read Marvel Now! Iron Man #1: the Re-extremising!

Vestrymen Grade: B+

Shadowman #1

Shadowman_issue_1_comic_book_cover_by_Valiant_Comics1WRITTEN BY: Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher
ART BY: Patrick Zircher
PUBLISHER: Valiant Comics
RELEASE: November 7, 2012

Garth Ennis used to write Shadowman. We probably should have read that instead.  I can’t find a place to buy this one online, you’ll have to actually go to a brick and mortar store or wait ’til it gets onto the online vendors, peeps. We like Astro-Zombies, if you live in Albuquerque or feel like a comic book themed road trip.

Cabel Grade: C Leland Grade: B-

47 Ronin #1


WRITTEN Mike Richardson
ART BY: Stan Sakai
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
RELEASE: November 7, 2012

This is not a review of the upcoming Keanu Reeves vehicle, though they are both drawing from the same source material. Reeves is a strange choice for Kai, don’t you think? It is good that he got the role though, ‘cuz the Hollywood Asian Actors Guild was complaining  about how there where too many nuanced, interesting blockbusters being produced about famous historical events from the Asian Continent. It’s a good comic book with some art issues that confound us a bit.

Vestrymen Grade: B+

Joe Kubert Presents #1

JKP01_covercropCREATED BY: Joe Kubert, Brian Buniak, Sam Glanzman
RELEASE: November 7, 2012

Vestrymen Grade: A-

Our Feature:

S.H.I.E.L.D.: Architects of Forever

shield_2_2ndWRITTEN BY: Jonathan Hickman
ART BY: Dustin Weaver
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
RELEASE: November 7, 2012

We skip talking about the author here, having discussed him in some depth recentlyDustin Weaver does have a great blog and a very funny nonsense rivalry with Dustin Nguyen, since they are both named “Dustin.” Mr. Nguyen has a Wikipedia entry and Mr. Weaver only has a Wookieepedia entry, so Nguyen 1 – Weaver 0. Very serious rivalries aside, we loved the Ever Loving Everything out of this book. Go read it, then listen to our podcast!

Vestrymen Grade: A+

The music for this episode of Vestrymen from the Future! is used under a Creative Commons licence. This week, we feature The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Intro music by Jonathan Coulton.