Fake Geek Girls?

I did not know that this was a thing until a ton of the more enlightened geek and non-geek press took some time away from deciding if 343 Studios is capable of making a bland video game as well as Bungie to talk about the emergent meme.

Gamer_Girls_1-465x349Seriously? This is a thing? This is a significant part of why people, men and women, who might deeply enjoy comic books simply do not read them, why people who might enjoy video games feel like there are large, mostly illusory barriers to entry, and why people who might like to be part of a sub-culture that values intelligence, imagination, wit and drive feel alienated and abused.

Not knowing about something is the first step to knowing about something. Embrace new Girl-Gamerreaders of graphic medium, new players of video games, new fans of 3d printing! For that matter, embrace and support people who are trying to expand the ways they interact with the human experience, they might rub off on you and make you a better person, god knows if you are angry at “girl gamers” or “fake geek girls” you need to be a better person.

In summation, my missive to geek/nerd/comic book/video game/con subculture: Try your very best not to be assholes.

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