Quick Review: Avenging Spider-Man 16

AvengingSM_16_TheGroup-000WRITTEN BY: Christopher Yost
ART BY: Paco Medina
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
RELEASE: January 16, 2013

Marvel feels like choices they have made with Superior Spider-Man are really important, and the sales number agree. But is it good?

Avenging is a team-up book and this reads like a paint-by-numbers superhero team-up.  It is not bad, exactly but it is far from inspired. We are by now, hip to Superior’s jive. He is a man with Peter Parker’s ethical sense, but a significantly more driven and brutal logistical sense, which is what most of the book is dedicated to and I am tired of learning the same character traits over and over.

Is it fair for me to judge this book for doing character work that has been done in other titles of late? Should I judge the book as a stand-alone, ignoring the character work done in Superior Spider-Man #1, and all its tie in books? I can only tell you that I read the books in the order I read them and that I am tired of comic books giving lots and lots of energy to telling me something I learned last week.

I did enjoy Spidey’s character moment with Wolverine more than the above paragraph would suggest, though.

Vestrymen Grade: B-

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