People That Don’t Like Star Trek Are Stupid


I’ve tried to think my way around it, tried to put it in cleaner content, tried to wash it down, but the simple and undeniable fact is,  if you seriously dislike the first two seasons of the original 1966 to 1969 TV show of Star Trek I can only figure it is because the show is too smart for you.

To be clear I’m not saying that you have to love every episode of the original series, that you have to love everything in the entire franchise, or even that you have love it. I’m just saying that if you watch an episode or three with an open mind you will have no choice but to admit that the show is a artistic and social technical feat, and a truly entertaining viewing experience.

Shatner and Nimoy’s performances have been lampooned, harpooned, and trampooned and it is easy to see why. These two public figures have sometimes managed great works that are hard to read execpt as selfparody. However, watch these old episodes with an open mind and you’ll see some fantastic performances. Somehow Nimoy infuses Spock’s being with logic, rigidity and a little super-dry humor. Shatner’s Kirk is so expressive, passionate and layered that it hurts, and lastly if you don’t like DeForest Kelly I seriously wonder if you know what acting is.

All that sweet, sweet acting candy acting is backed up by some of the smartest, most thoughtful, most culturally relevantscripts ever created for TV. Rodenberry and his writers explored war, racism, sex, technology, friendship, and ambition with care and flexibility and subtlety a lot of today’s writers would kill to find. It is Hollywood, so I am seriously worried that someone is going to kill one of Star Trek’s aging writers to try and steal their mojo. Don’t do it, random writer, just go back to penning another episode of Arrow.

If you can’t get behind all of that, you should at least be able to get behind TV’s first interracial kiss. Seriously Star Trek’s production team braved blackouts across the south, threats of actual violence, and threats of cancellation. That is real bravery far in excess of anything shown on camera.

There is comedy here too. Find me a silly bromance, or buddy comedy or ensemble sitcom that isn’t cribbing, to some degree, from the Spock-McCoy-Kirk one liners at the end of the episodes and I’ll give you a quarter.

This isn’t a comic book post, so I’m gonna curtail my rant a little, and just say that there is likely a 5000 word essay brewing somewhere in my brain about how  stupid you are for disliking the acting on this show.

So? You still don’t like Star Trek? I think you just don’t get it. You are either too dumb, or too closed minded to truly appriciate one of the most important works of art in The American Century.

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4 Responses to People That Don’t Like Star Trek Are Stupid

  1. Alan Sycamore says:

    I’ve been loving all of the audio and reviews on this site, but I have to say, this recent “rant” comes off as extremely pretentious. Similar to the arguments that people make about the sophisticated nature of the film Inception. Its a rather simple and childish defense: “If you don’t like it, It’s because you don’t get it.” Sure, some people actually don’t get it, But for anyone that has ever seen eXistenZ (or any other David Cronenberg movie, really), it becomes apparent that inception really isn’t doing anything particularly edgy or new in terms of story, depth, complexity, social commentary, or philosophical outlook. (SFX is another matter). People just loved the movie so much, it felt like they had a profound connection to the material. When someone doesn’t share it, they feel threatened, almost as though the experience is cheapened. The entirety of geekdom and nerd culture has this pompous attitude. “We get it, so we like it. Stupid people don’t understand it.” It is a similar statement to saying: “Scarlet Johansson is one of the most beautiful women of the 20th century. If you don’t think she is one of the best looking women to ever walk, I argue you are likely homosexual.” Most people will shrug off a “gay insult” because it’s juvenile, much like your argument. I think Star Trek has had some fantastic writers, unique aesthetics that helped influence an entire generation of people, and helped establish a form of Sci-Fi TV that is still copied to this day. That said, I don’t like the show. Its not because of an inability to comprehend, or that I have a closed mind. After all, I am a huge fan of the original Doctor Who run, which requires many of the compromises as classic Star Trek. Doctor who just rings true to me, and Star Trek didn’t. So before you go on again in a desperate attempt to defend your passion, know this: Someone not sharing your love of something doesn’t make them dumb. There are smarter people out there than you, and trust me, plenty of them don’t like Star Trek.

  2. Cabel says:

    @Alan Sycamore: Thanks so much for listening and reading. Bloggers and podcasters live for comments.
    You are right and I am wrong, is really what it comes down to. When I wrote this article we had been dealing with an especially troll-y day on reddit, and I over-reacted. I got two or three emails yesterday from deeply intelligent friends of mine, people much smarter than me who are not crazy about Trek.
    Please keep listening! I promise to take my troll mask off.

  3. Matthew Barchers says:

    The amount of typos and lack of proper rhetoric in this article make me think the author might not be smart enough to call a whole swath of people dumb. Not liking a television show, for whatever reason, doesn’t make you dumb. “Getting” something and “liking” something, also, are two so completely separate concepts that people mistake for the same idea all the time, and it annoys me. I can “get” something and not like it: an abortion joke. I can “like” something and not get it: hipster fashion style.

    Your conclusion is false, and you probably only wrote this article to troll for click-throughs. Congratulations, you got mine, but I disliked your article. People who like this article are dumb.

    By the way, I’m a lifelong fan of the original series – I started on TNG and then watched TOS in reruns. I don’t object to this because I feel insulted. I object to this because it’s inaccurate, poorly argued, and poorly written.

  4. Leland says:

    I think sometimes we all throw narcissistic intellectual tantrums in the supermarket isle’s of our self-regard.

    It’s my belief that we would be well served if we could humanely euthanize the sentiment that “if you don’t like this, you don’t get it.” Sure, sometimes people don’t get it. Sometimes exposure to a conflicting view is just what the doctor ordered to help expand the mind. Sometimes it’s far more fulfilling to embrace the positive qualities of an artistic work than to euphuistically trumpet the negative. Sometimes I sound like a hippy turd with a liberal arts degree. Even if all of this is true, we don’t get to call names and sling shit in the face of dissenting artistic opinion. If you dismiss an artistic work out of ignorance, you’re a piss-poor critic and you don’t deserve your soapbox, but if you feel like something is crap, And your really experiencing it and trying to comprehend it and it’s just not working for you, it’s awfully hard to say that you’re dumb. I’m quite certain a person can be wrong, can stumble into a conclusion based on a misrepresentation or misinterpretation of the facts, I’m just not sure that we have grounds to reject opinions unless they are born of such factual errors.

    So yeah, you’re not stupid if you don’t like Star Trek. You’re damn presumptuous if you espouse opinions about Star Trek and have never watched it. You’re probably placing too much faith in your cognitive capabilities if your opinion of the show was formed as a young child. You likely shouldn’t bother with this blog if you just really can’t stand science fiction (though we appreciate your interest, dear reader). You’re welcome to subjectively hate any bit of artistic content you’ve ever been faced with.

    Just remember that the price of your freedom of opinion is that you must also respect mine. Seriously, stop sending me nasty messages when say unflattering things about your favorite book.


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