Reviews from the Future: Mice Templar Volume IV: Legend #1

You want world-building of in simpler, more elegant prose than Brian Michael Bendis is capable of on his best day? You want stories painted with a broader brush told in a more epic tone than Neil Gaiman’s worst day? You want to listen to an interview with Bryan JL Glass? For the first two things pick up The Mice Templar Volume IV: Legend #1; For the last thing go check out our bddies The Astroboys’ Mice Templar podcast!



Title: Mice Templar Volume IV: Legend #1
Author: Bryan JL Glass
Artist: Victor Santos 
Publisher: Image Comics  
Release Date: 3/27/2013

Are you still here after that bombastic intro? Well then I guess you deserve a proper review. Mice Templar Volume IV: Legend #1: The Long Title left me wanting more and honestly what else could you want from a 30 page comic book?

Mice Templar is a story of war, the cost of betrayal,  fluffy ears, and revenge. Glass is, as noted above, painting with broad strokes. Things move right along, even when the first half of the book is dedicated to ex positional storytelling. Every character choice has an immediate, direct, and meaningful impact on the world around them. Nothing is left on the table and nothing is held back. The immediacy and directness of story had me gritting my teeth and anxiously anticipating the next panel and page.

Victor Santos’ art somehow manages to simultaneously humanize and otherize Glass’ woodland protagonists, letting us empathize with their struggles and the bitterness that is at the core of the story while still reminding us that mouse culture is as alien to a modern American Klingon culture.

At its worst this book is trying just a little too hard. The language can get a little florid at times and the close-ups of a mice with a single tear flowing across their face fur can feel gratuitous after a third or fourth time.

An enjoyable read, a must have for fans of the series, and a decent jumping point if you are for some reason allergic to buying trade paperbacks or starting from the beginning.

Vestrymen Grade: For Fans

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