VFCast! Season 5 Episode 8: Blondes punching time travel … right in the face!


Did I post a Marvel from the wrong universe? Let your nerdrage guide you, my child.

Title: Captain Marvel Volume 1: In Pursuit of Flight
Author: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Artists: Dexter Soy, Emma Rios 
Publisher: Marvel Comics  
Release Date: January 1, 2013


So somehow this week we’ve had a flood of comment spam. I’m wondering it that is how it goes. First you get the spammers. then you get an explosions of podcast listeners. Then you get to punch the atmosphere of earth.

We don’t talk about how comfortable the creative team on this book is with iconic imagery. I’m not even sure what the icons are, but they invoke Superman, Marvel’s Golden Age, and Gloria Steinem back-to-back, without breaking a sweat.

The ironic hipster part of me wants to cringe. I’m certinally somewhat uncomfortable looking straight into the camera of my life and just saying how awesome/terrible something is. At its’ worst Captain Marvel Vol. 1 is a little preachy. At its’ best it is rad beyond reason, working with the best parts of the cultural heritage it inherits with both a warm nostalgia and a total instance that it must be fresh, new, and emotionally resonant.


VFCast! Season 5 Episode 7: Just when I thought we’d gotten away from the Elder Gods, time traps lay at the bottom of the ocean.


Title: The Underwater Welder 
Creator: Jeff Lemire 
Publisher: Top Shelf Productions 
Release Date: August 7, 2012

This book has a lot going for it. If you want to know about those things listen to the podcast. At it’s best it is a discussion of what it means to be unprepared for the responsibility of becoming an adult. At its worst it is super mansplaney.
Why do men leave their wives? Our secret pain cannot be understood by vagina people. Why is there a crisis of masculinity? I’m not sure, but man is a man’s pain real. Man is it not to be misunderstood, dismissed, or ignored. The pain of dealing with all this power, prestige and awesomeness is just too much for us to bear. I guess we will have to go underwater, where it is safe.
Perhaps I am being unfair. Jeff Lemire is writing from his own expedience, and mixing it with the fantastic. He is a good writer, and fantastic artist, and a deeply thoughtful man.
I just get tired of that being the only kind of book we read on this ‘cast.

Next week! Kelly Sue DeConnick!