Continued Hiatus

Leland and I are both working a lot, and are planning on getting back to podcasting in the next two weeks or so. For now here are something completely un-comic book related that I’ve found amusing:

Here are the last 3 Spotify Playlists I created:

Frank – Amy Winehouse

New Moon Shine – James Taylor

Rhino Hi-Five: Waren Zevon

Here is a video with Nathan Fillion! Internets love Natan Fillion!

Why I am the worst comics blogger:

*Spoiler Alert*

I have yet to see either Iron Man 3!

So this was Christmas

We won’t be doing quick reviews today, but we will have a feature for you on Friday, but not to fret, little ones with sugarplums  I am gonna give you a roundup of some of my favorite Christmas webcomics and then a video from the internet!

Some funny Christmasy webcomics, and a delightful, if depressing Christmas video.


Dear Satan Claus

We sure do like the folks over a Loading Ready Run here.

Did you know that the JLA and the JSA used to have Thanksgiving together every damn year? Christmas though is for family!


A behind the scenes look at how The Vestrymen “Plan”

Warlord 001-01


I sent Leland the above image and the following occurred:

[10:18:33 PM] Cabel Schoen:there are at least 2 awesome things about this image
[10:19:08 PM] Leland Webb: Dude, there are at least 10 awesome things in this picture
[10:19:24 PM] Leland Webb: The art is quite horrible
[10:19:33 PM] Cabel Schoen: Are you counting both halves of his mustache?
[10:19:53 PM] Cabel Schoen: Also that redhead is wearing the most manly thing of the characters
[10:20:41 PM] Leland Webb: I want to put her awkwardly shaped breasts in my face, while sensually tries to clutch at the sheets with her strange, underdeveloped arms.
[10:23:29 PM] Cabel Schoen: Dude you have to have more sex
[10:23:47 PM] Leland Webb: Her underdeveloped arms are so erotic
[10:23:55 PM] Leland Webb: Like a sexy T-Rex
[10:24:31 PM] Cabel Schoen: and the fact that she can use a sword that changes length over its own length is fairly hot
[10:25:05 PM] Leland Webb: Neither of us have mentioned the pirate dude’s… shorts situation.
[10:25:52 PM] Leland Webb: Actually, I may have misspoken, I’m not sure he’s a pirate
[10:25:53 PM] Cabel Schoen: They have a skull on them because that is what happens if you get a boner in those things
[10:26:05 PM] Leland Webb: Your boner dies?
[10:27:08 PM] Cabel Schoen: your dick snaps in half and you die of bleeding
[10:27:46 PM] Leland Webb: That’s not how I want to die
[10:27:57 PM] Leland Webb: That’s how you die if you are a character in Bedlam
[10:28:06 PM] Leland Webb: I want to play edward 40 hands
[10:28:06 PM] Cabel Schoen: we should probably post this interaction to the blood
[10:28:07 PM] Cabel Schoen: blog
[10:28:11 PM] Leland Webb: lol
[10:28:16 PM] Leland Webb: I’m down
[10:28:23 PM] Leland Webb: Shit, I’ve gotta upload this cast

And that boys and girls, is how a podcast is born!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

It is Thanksgiving, so Leland and I are taking this one off. I shall not, however, leave you empty handed. First, as may become a holiday tradition, I will tell you how the Future Foundation’s Moliods would celebrate this day:

It turns out family and yelling about food are fairly universal responses to this particular holiday.

If you really must have podcasting action today here are some choices:

  • Listen our archives.
  • Visit our friend over at Astro-Boys for some great creator reviews and fun comic podcasty times.
  • Offer us up some content you’d like reviewed and we will likely do it next week!

Have a great Turkey Day everyone!

My emails with scarface!

10/9/12 Gmail – Our Podcast

Cabel Schoen <> Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 1:52 AM
Mr. Coulton,
My friend and I have a Comics Book podcast. We’ve been searching for the right bumper music for a long time.
We finally settled on “The Future Soon,” since its playful tone, obviously relevant subject manner and tone fit our
podcast so well. I just wanted to say thank you for publishing under the Creative Commons License, and to invite
you to listen to our ‘cast if you have the inclination. We try and publish sometime in the evening on Wednesday
and we are hosted at
Thanks again,
Cabel Schoen
Duder 1
Vestrymen From the Future

“You’re a gentleman,” they used to say to him. “You shouldn’t have gone murdering people with a hatchet;
that’s no occupation for a gentleman.”

Scarface <> Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 1:18 PM
To: Cabel Schoen <>
Hi Cabel,
Joco’s disfigured henchman, Scarface, here. Thanks so much for your
email! We’re really glad you like the music! I’ll pass your
compliments along to Jonathan.
You’re welcome for the Creative Commons licensing, and we’re glad you
can make good use of it!!
Best wishes,
ScarfaceGmail – Our Podcast

Scarface III, Henchman
Cabel Schoen <> Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 12:48 AM
To: Scarface <>
Would you and Joco mind if we posted this exchange on our blog?

Scarface <> Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 12:51 PM
To: Cabel Schoen <>
Sure, no problem!
Best wishes,