The Great Project: Mass Effect 2 choices

First and most importantly I think, my Shepard romanced Thane. He seems complicated, interesting, and I figured it would be easy to go back to Liara in the final chapter, since he was gonna die. Stay tuned to hear how that went.

Second, I was actually emotionally effected by the death of the crew. I chose to finish some loyalty missions I had been putting off, since I didn’t really like their characters they keyed off them. Jacob is boring and Jack feels more like a trope than a person to me. So the crew was dead by the time I went through the Omega-4 relay. I liked the engineers, and it was nice that the Doc survived, I like her, but I’m not sure why. As a result of finish the loyalty mission though 100% of the playable characters survived the Suicide Mission!

I, as a paragon, and a non-sociopath, saved Samara. Does anyone with even a bit of  roleplaying investment in this game save Morinth? I’d love to hear why, if you did.

After gritting my teeth and staring at the screen for a while, I decided to rewrite the Geth rather than kill them. I think mind control is more ethical than murder, but heck if I know. I was annoyed that I got Paragon points for that one, though. I feel like a Paragon kills their enemies and a Renegade fucks with their mind, but heck, perhaps both choices should get Renegade points.

I decided to save the collector base. It is clear, upon the completion of “The Arrival” DLC that a war is coming, and if The Illusive Man has an edge than humanity has an edge. I don’t trust the bastard, but he only really cares about humanity, at the end of the day, and in order for humanity to grow we must first first survive, so I’m assuming that we will continue to be marginal allies.

You are one badass fucking fractal.

The Geat Project

So I’ve decided to undertake a Great Project. I’m going to play all three Mass Effect Games, back to back. I will, of course be importing my decisions from one game to another.

Here are the rules I will follow for the entire series:

  • I will follow (mostly) the Paragon path.
  • I will, on completing one game give you a summary of the big choices I made.
  • I am planning on playing all three games on the Xbox 360.
  • My character’s name is Valk Shepard.
  • I’ll plan an Adept in all three games.
  • I’ll be playing a “FemShep/”

Rules for Mass Effect 1:

  • I am playing the first game as a Adept. Man getting exposed to element Zero is AWESOME.
  • I only go to planets if I’ve been given an assignment to go there. I am not spending time just driving around random planets.
  • Once I’ve filled up the Paragon bar I’ll make choices as I decide I would.
  • I’m playing through with Tali and Wrex primary.
  • I chose the shotgun as my weapon choice during character creation.
  • I choose “Colonist,” “War Hero,” and “Sole Survivor” during character creation.
  • Combat difficulty is set to “Hardcore.”