VFCast Episode 10: The Loneliest Man Who is Also a Bat… Man.

The Joker, pointing all the guns at you in Batman: Under the Red Hood

Episode 10: The Loniest Man Who is Also a Bat… Man

  • Quick Reviews: Cabel does the heavy lifting here, reviewing Suicide Girls #1, Elephantmen Vol 1, Hellboy: Seeds Of Destruction. [Pretty sure I reviewed all of those, too. -Lee]  Lelander reviews Eli Stone which has everything to do with comics and nothing at all to do with George Michael, we promise! We confuse Dark Horse (who publish Hellboy and CANNOT print a trade) and Image (who publish Elephantmen and should teach everyone how to put inked paper in a binding). We also compare digital comics to physical comics!

  •   Next we talk about the “sequel” to the above movie, Batman and Mr. Freeze: Sub Zero. It has a terrible title and is not that hot. It’s not that cold either, though, to be fair.

  • Lastly we feature Batman: Under the Red Hood. Its Batmany and Robiny and Nightwingy, and Neil Patrick Harrisy! [Neil Patrick Harris has all of 5 minutes of screen time in this movie. -Lee]

VFCast Episode 9: Spacemen… From Space!

Stare at the Doctor's ass! Stare you fools and be lost!

Episode 9: Spacemen … From Space

So creepy!  


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VFCast Episode 8: Pamphlet Roulette

Episode 8: Pamphlet roulette

The Snakeeyes thing is literally just this scene over and over

  • Our feature is Gold Digger 127. Its like The Twilight Saga, but way more fun! We liked it, sorta!


Next Week!

  • All Doctor Who all the time. What more could you want?

VFcast Episode 7: We Buy Whatever the Hell the People at the Comic Book Store Tell Us To

Power rings are for chumps, use your ghost key!


  • Locke & Key is a lot of creepy fun. It might be too creepy for you. You should probably buy Volume 2 and then send it to us.

Next week:  We poll the Comics Warehouse staff about their favorite new releases, buy those books, and read them!

VFcast Episode 6: Escalating Amounts of Weird

We do that thing we do

















  • Freakshow might have zombies, used to have superman and has awesome art. We review it.

  • We discuss X-men: Age of X: Alpha. We hate it so much we almost like it, except that we really, really hate it.

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VFcast Episode 5: That’s Some Cosmic Shit

A Podcast, for sure!

In which we discuss:

  • We also talk about FF #1. Spider-man is in it, so it doesn’t go as well as it could have.

  • We review Thor 620.1. There are hammers and living stone and Alan eats the table.



The best comics image ever!.

VFCast Episode 4: Don’t Fear the Irish Lone Ranger

Raise a beer and drink to COMICS!

Tommy would often unwind with his murder buddies after using his mind powers to get a date!

In which we discuss:

I thought you might need these panels in the same image! Your welcome!

  • I put the two ‘hitting space vampires with corpses’ panels together just for you!

Next week:

  • Cabel will think about drinking less coffee so the podcast posts have fewer exclamation  marks! Don’t hold your breath!
  • We will review Thor #620.1, FF #1, Warriors Of Dharuk #1. We will also have a super secret feature!

P.S. – You should read The Absorbascon’s review of Young Justice for a more in- depth look at this TV show.

VFCast Episode 3: Bitches Gots No Legs

The Vestrymen have a guest this week!

In which we discuss:

  • We review the Hyper-Mega, random, over-the-top Batman Inc #1-2!

  • People with initials JJ and JJJ make Cabel unable to speak for a full two minutes in our feature: The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #27 from 1993!

Next week:

Quick Review Covers:


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Vestrymen From The Future Episode 3 part 2 of 2

VFcast Episode 2 – The One Without A Witty Title AKA Ed Brubaker

The Vestrymen, in their very-not-first-podcast

In which we discuss:

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VFcast Episode 1 – Captain Galactic and the Victory Mystics: Origins

The Vestrymen, in their inaugural podcast…

In which we discuss:

  • Ourselves, but only a little, I promise.
  • Our plans for THE FUTURE (of this episode).
  • Tony Stark’s abject doucheyness in Iron Man 500.1
  • The worst A-Team.
  • The worst A-Team’s clown car van.
  • Lighsaber wielding, antenna sprouting, energy ball throwing, reality bending ladies.
  • All that and more in Miss Mystic #1.

Next Week:

  • Sherlock Holmes: Year One!

Cover - Ms. Mystic 1Pollution is ruining everything.Unicycle robot bitch slap.