Season 5 Episode 5: Elder Godhood and the Life Cycle of a Fish-Man

Title: Hellboy Volume 1
Creator: Mike Mignola
Publisher: Dark Horse
Release Date: 3rd Edition: December 9, 2003

Listen to me! The Many-Sided-Ones knock! You think we are just Podcasting about their glory three weeks in a row because they make for great villains? You think we like talking about their many sided glory? We love them with a dark love. Our dedication to their glory flows not from our own engines. The Mechanic removed that which shines in us. Now we rot. We rot with the glory and power of an ant forced to behold the full splendor of a man. Our many sided parts, jokered passion, our ardor are not a warning, but rather a joyful noise! We are The Men of the Vestry; We show you What-Is-To-Come!

Alternatively titled Sometimes Red Dudes Get Unreasonably Angry About Frogs.

VFCast! Season 5 Episode 4 – Two Men, One Boy

Title: Batman/Starman/Hellboy Issue 1 & 2
Author: James Robinson
Artist: Mike Mignola
Publisher: DC & Dark Horse
Release Date: January 1999


This is a crossover book drawn by a very popular creator and written by a cult favorite about the most popular character in comics and his dudebros. James Robinson has a very devoted fan following (Cabel and Leland included) and Mike Mignola is an extremely influential writer/artist.

So why can’t I find anything about it online? Seriously, the Wikipedia entry isn’t even important enough to get tagged with the “it’s just a synopsis” tag. It is so unimportant that no one (us included) even cared to mark that it was a bad entry.

Why is that? This should be an important book, right? There are big things happening. It is Starman’s first multiverse crossover. It is Mignola’s first time to professionally draw Batman. It has semi-false advertising on the cover.

We enjoyed it, so I guess all my confusion is somewhat moot.


[I mentioned I would link to our Starman podcast. Stay a while and listen! -L]

The music for this episode of Vestrymen from the Future! is used under a Creative Commons licence. This week, we feature Clockcleaner – “Caliente Queen”. Intro music is “Action Figures” used by permission from Masai. All other music is property of Leland Webb and Vestrymen from the Future!

Reviews from the Future! 12/05/12

Hellboy: In Hell #1! Hawkeye #5! Action Comics #15! Avengers #1! Extra points if you can guess the grades we give to ASM and Hawkeye! Vestrymen powers activate!

Avengers #1

2662230-avengers_1_cap_coverWRITTEN BY: Jonathan “I wrote S.H.IE.LD” Hickman
ART BY: Jerome Opena
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
RELEASE: 12/05/12

The avengers on the cover of this book are not the Avengers you will see inside, mostly. You will however recognize this lineup. It is the same lineup offered by a Avengers scribe that really likes vampires. Its all very rushed, but Opena’s art is rad so that is not nothing.

Vestrymen Grade: C

Action Comics #15

AC15_var_cover_02WRITTEN BY: Grant “I am an insane man” Morrison
ART BY: Brad Walker and Rags “I Draw Everything!” Morales
RELEASE: 12/05/12

We enjoy reading and reviewing things on our pull list, though we try and keep it fresh. Morrison took a break, in both of his books, these last few months from being his normal, totally insane self. That break is over, and we love it.

Vestrymen Grade: A

Hawkeye #5

hawkeye5WRITTEN BY: Matt Fraction
ART BY: Javier Pulido
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
RELEASE DATE: 12/05/2012

Before the podcast today we tried discussing what we like about Mr. Fraction’s run on Hawkeye. The answer, after careful consideration and debate, is EVERYTHING. The plotting is amazing, the dialogue sings, the dark gods rise. Ok, that last thing doesn’t  happen at all, but the book is fantastic and you should read it.

Vestrymen Grade: A+

Hellboy: In Hell #1

HellboyInHell1WRITTEN BY: Mike Mignola
ART BY: Dave Stewart
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
RELEASE DATE: 12/05/12

Hellboy: In Hell is not your standard Hellboy story. We see a much different Hellboy than the Hellboy we normally see in Hellboy books. Also “Yo, Dawg. I heard you like Hellboy, so I put a Hellboy in your Hellboy so you can Hellboy while you Hellboy.” Windows Live Writer hates the sentences I’ve just written like a 22-year-old high school english teacher marking up his first paper. “Hellboy” is not in its dictionary, apparently.

Vestrymen Grade: B

Later this week: We get philosophical with The Sentry!

You can download a copy of this podcast: Vestrymen Quick Reviews 12-5-2012

The music for this episode of Vestrymen from the Future! is used under a Creative Commons licence. Intro music “The Future Soon” by Jonathan Coulton. Also featuring “Kenesaw Mountain Landis”, also by Jonathan Coulton.

Vestrymen Season 2 Episode 10: It’s Bendis Time.

Nick Fury and the Howling Immortality Serum Secret War Invasion! Captain Marvel #5, Cyberforce #1, BPRD #1 and Marvel Now!

Quick Reviews:

Cyberforce #1

WRITTEN BY: Marc Silvestri & Matt HawkinsCyberForce1-600x914
ART BY: Khoi Pham & Sunny Gho
PUBLISHER: Top Cow Publishing
RELEASE DATE: 10/17/2012

This comic is Kickstarter funded and, apparently, free. We paid a buck for it.  That is the most interesting thing I can say about this book here.

Vestrymen Grade: C-

Captain Marvel #5

WRITTEN BY: Kelly-Sue DeConnickdetail
ART BY: Emma Rios
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
RELEASE DATE: 10/17/2012

’50s fighter planes! Punching with brass knuckles! Odd art choices!

Vestrymen Grade: B-

B.P.R.D 1948 #1

WRITTEN BY: Mike Mignola and John ArcudiBPRD_1948-420x645
ART BY: Max Fiumara
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
RELEASE DATE: 10/17/2012

The end of the Secret Origins trilogy! I don’t know what that means, but Mike Mignola always delivers a Mike Mignola experence, and that is a plus in my book. Leland’s too, I think.

Vestrymen Grade: B+

Marvel Now Preview

WRITTEN BY: VariousMarvelNOW_JoeQ
ART BY: Various
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
RELEASE DATE: 10/17/2012

A free look at upcoming Marvel projects as we move out of the AvX period into the Marvel NOW! period. It was interesting, and it looks like Marvel’s titles will continue to be a mixed bag.

Vestrymen Grade: Da kine?

Our Feature:

Secret Warriors Volume 1: Nick Fury: Agent of Nothing

WRITTEN BY: OCT090634Brian Michael Bendis & Jonathan Hickman
ART BY: Stefano Casell
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics

BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS! Also, Jonathan Hickman. We’ve talked about Hickman before, so you are here to hear about BMB. He is a dude who made the Marvel Ultimate Universe. Also, wonder of wonders, we get another chance to talk about Devil’s Due Publishing.  Popcultivator!

Vestrymen Grade: C+

The music for this episode of Vestrymen from the Future! is used under a Creative Commons licence. This week, we feature Stealing Orchestra – “Just Like Oscar, We Will Never Grow Up”, Big Digits – “Black Sweatshirts”, and Oferta Especial – “Polska”.

VFcast Episode 5: That’s Some Cosmic Shit

A Podcast, for sure!

In which we discuss:

  • We also talk about FF #1. Spider-man is in it, so it doesn’t go as well as it could have.

  • We review Thor 620.1. There are hammers and living stone and Alan eats the table.



The best comics image ever!.