Audio Quick Reviews for 2/13/2013

Katana 001, X-Men 041, Secret Avengers 00-1, Fantastic Four 4.  Coming at you a day late, and more than a dolla’ short, we are The Vestrymen.

Katana #1

Katana-001-(2013)-(2-covers)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-01WRITTEN BY: Ann Nocenti
ART BY: Alex Sanchez
RELEASE: February 13, 2013

This week is officially the week of the weird in the midst of the month of the archers. This book decides to be a book about Shado, but without Green Arrow. We liked it.

Vestrymen Grade: B

Secret Avengers #1

Secret Avengers 01-000WRITTEN BY: Nick Spencer
ART BY: Luke Ross
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
RELEASE: February 13, 2013

This is the best book we read this week. Not only does it have Hawkeye, but it also has spy shenanigans!

Vestrymen Grade: B+

X-Men #41

X-Men 041-000WRITTEN BY: Seth Peck
ART BY: Jefte Palo, Lorenzo Ruggiero
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
RELEASE: February 13, 2013

We like Adam Kubert’s cover art and not much else. Have something good to say about this book? Let us know.

Vestrymen Grade: C- (with much discussion)

Fantastic Four #4

FantasticFour_4_TheGroup-000WRITTEN BY: Matt Fraction
ART BY: Mark Bagley
RELEASE: February 13, 2013

This is a slightly sub par Valentine’s Day offering from Mr. Fraction. It’s still an enjoyable read, it just takes too long to get where it is going.

Vestrymen Grade: B-

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The music for this episode of Vestrymen from the Future! is used under a Creative Commons licence. Intro music “The Future Soon” by Jonathan Coulton. Also featuring “Kenesaw Mountain Landis”, also by Jonathan Coulton.

Poop Faces 1: The Poop Faceining

So here at The Vestrymen, we are sometimes men who are contemplative, focused, intelligent, engaged in the zeitgeist and deeply interested in the best things that humanity has to offer, though the medium of comics, at least. Also we write really really long sentences sometimes. Lastly, sometimes we just want to talk about poop.

Over Thanksgiving I began reading some of The Ultimate Imprint from the beginningish. I really enjoyed The Ultimates, both volumes, kinda disliked the beginning of Ultimate X-Men, and enjoyed the heck out of the Ultimate Galactus trilogy. There was one thing that I just couldn’t get over though… A LOT of the art from the run made it look like the character in question was pooping. Seriously, once you see it its everywhere man, like candy corn, or Bieber fever. 

Now that I’ve seen it though I need to share my new and terrible world with The Internet, you know, like you do. So without further ado Cyclops’ poop face:

cyclops poop

I am not even close to done, more to come friends!